• Increasing yield and income
    Increasing yield and income
    of smallholder farmers in East Africa

Welcome to Agrics East Africa

Agrics is a for-profit social enterprise in East Africa which is building a sustainable business by providing smallholder farmers access to farm inputs, capital, innovation, knowledge and markets. Agrics grew from a small pilot project serving 900 subsistence farmers in Western Kenya with maize and fertilizer, to a business serving over 35,000 farmers in Kenya and Tanzania with a range of agricultural inputs and services on credit.

Agrics creates impact by securing and enhancing the income, food security and nutrition of farming families. Improved agronomic practices, access to credit and product innovation enhance and diversify the farmers’ productivity, thereby increasing disposable income.

Agrics Ltd is one of ICS’s social businesses

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Tanzanian farmers test sunflowers

Recently, Agrics has been handing out sunflower seeds to 1.250 farmers in the Northern part of Tanzania, to enable these farmers to test this new crop. The harvest of sunflower seeds, and more importa...

Posted on: 20 November 2017
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