Impact Ambition of Agrics

Improved livelihoods

Yield increase
External evaluation of Agrics activities shows that between 2013 and 2015, the average maize yield increased from 571 kg/acre to 1,023 kg/acre representing a 79% growth, driven by increasing knowledge and skills in crop production and use of certified seeds and fertilizer.

The crop increase as mentioned above was investigated by an independent researcher. But being a social enterprise, Agrics also likes to know what the impact is on the lives of farmers, what does crop improvement means to them? Measuring things like quality of life is pretty difficult though. Therefore we collected a few quotes from farmers:

Growing their business
Sharing your benefits
Paul Kairu bought 110 young chickens, from the sale of every bird, he made a KES 500 - 600 profit. "I did not believe it when they told us it would take 5 months for them to fully grow. Now I see it was true, everyone that visits asks about them. They grow faster, so we spend less on feeds and fetch a good price. Many of my neighbors have picked the roosters to improve their own breeds - just look at them!"

Good record keeping helps making a business profitable
“ I am now capable of farm record keeping like farm size, crop variety, sowing or planting dates, crop spacing used, weeding periods and harvested dates. I can analyze all costs associated with farming, harvesting and measurement of the yield produce and analyzing profitability of the business.” said Mr. Dotto when talking about the package of training offered to him by Agrics.

Paying for school fees and buying cattle
Yonald has joined Agrics in 2014. Before joining Agrics Yonald almost gave up on farming because his harvest was so poor that the profit he made from farming was negligible. He could hardly make ends meet and sometimes wasn’t able to pay for his children’s school fees. “When I joined Agrics I started using modern farming techniques that I acquired through their training. I also bought maize and sunflower seeds on credit and I added fertilizer; I saw immediate results. During the same year I managed to buy my first three cows and up to now I already have six cows. Can you believe it?” Our next goal after the coming harvest, is to build and invest in a more solid ‘modern’ house for our family. I am thankful for the opportunity that Agrics provided us; uplifting our economic position in a sustainable way through farming!”

Quality of life
Reduce of stress and house improvements
Mr. Thomas Odongo Mung’oma: “Agrics made it possible for us to make a living without stress. What makes me most happy is that our children are well fed and the house of course." Before joining Agrics Thomas lived in a grass thatched house. He recently replaced the old roof for metal sheets. And he is planning to cement it this year. A true domino effect: how the use of certified seeds can eventually result in a new rooftop.

Light at no cost makes homework in the evening possible
Thomas also gotten himself and his family a solar lamp on credit. With this lamp he is able to charge his mobile phone and light his house at no cost, as the lamp uses sun rays for energy. His children are able to read and do their homework at night. Thomas: "My son recently passed his exams and has now entered high school. Thanks to the lamp. Well, and my sons effort of course!"

Reaching scale

Agrics Kenya was established in 2012, in 2014 it's been officially registered as Ltd. In Tanzania Agrics started in 2013, two years later, in 2015 Agrics also registered here as an Ltd.