The potential of smallholder farmers

Limited availabily of quality agricultural inputs and a lack of modern agronomic knowledge are two of the main reasons for continuing poverty among smallholder farmers in East Africa. Against this background, Agrics strives to enable as many smallholders in the East African region as possible to use quality farm inputs in order to increase their yields to secure food for their families and a proper income. External evaluation of Agrics activities showed that the maize production of Agrics clients in Western Kenya went from an average 6 bags (of 90 kg each) to 9 bags per farmer after a single year. Over multiple years, yields are expected to increase further and up to 250%.

The realised production increase among Agrics clients provides an indication of the huge potential of smallholder farmers in East Africa. Combining this with the large numbers of smallholders in the region as well as with the steep increase in client numbers and total credit amount in the first years of Agrics existence, we see a ready yet highly undersupplied market for Agrics.