Seed Distribution – Geita Region

Seed Distribution – Geita Region

Farmers in Geita region received farm inputs; certified seeds and fertilizer with eagerness. They appreciated our services with full trust and content. Some of the farmers were heard saying that Agrics is the solution to hunger in that particular region, teasing with the famous President Magufuli’s slogan ‘Hapa Kazi tu’.

Agrics services became the talk of the village’s centers till to date, as the quality of our seeds and fertilizer came out with 94% which is the best for better yield. For the government of Tanzania the recommended percent for hybrid seed germination result is 90%. In collaboration with Geita agricultural regional office our seeds tested and approved to be the good quality for the betterment of farmers performance.

1607 farmers in Geita joined Agrics for hybrid maize seeds, sunflower seeds and fertilizers, Agrics distributed their orders on time before the rains start. (Geita region has favorable climatic conditions and fertile soil for farming, that’s why Agrics Tanzania took it up as its new area of operation.)

‘’Agrics is unique, they used government officials, extensions officers even showed us registrations certificates of operating in other regions like Shinyanga for some years. We trusted and came into business with them. Keeping their promises they came on time to advice on good agronomic practices, training on planting, weeding, top dressing and harvesting. All of these were conducted by cooperating with our village extension officers. And finally they are here distributing our our seeds. We appreciate their service, now we can see the real agribusiness! ‘’Said Jenifa Mugeni from Chato District.

Posted on: 08 September 2016