Maximum output through training

To ensure the farmer attains maximum output, Agrics offers training through out the crop life cycle - from land preparation to post harvest handling. Working closely with the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrics is able to train selected farmers from each community who thereafter act as the resident extension support provider. Through their interaction with farmers, they are able to have quick access to technical support, learn new agronomic practices and improve their application of knowledge acquired onto their fields. 

Demonstration plots: seeing is believing

To show smallholder farmers the differences in output, Agrics has set up several demonstration plots. Being a poor smallholder farmer, you want to be sure that investing the little money you have in those inputs pays off. 'Seeing is believing', is what many farmers think. The demonstration plot give clear evidence.

One half of the plot is being sowed with different maize variaties, the other half is being sowed with the same seeds plus fertilizer. After about a month the difference is already quite clear.

A month after sowing the maize: left  side no fertilizer was added, on the right side we did.